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Our fundraisers have helped support amazing Catholic groups, including:


"CORDA provided the easiest and most pleasant fundraising opportunity I have ever experienced. From colorful, personalized marketing materials to prompt, courteous communication, they made this almost effortless on our part. With online orders being shipped directly to customers, no one in our organization had to manage inventory or collect money.

A link was all people needed to find the wide array of lovely candles that celebrate the communion of saints. We received many positive comments on both the timely delivery and excellent quality of the candles. We look forward to working with CORDA again!"

- Bonnie, Harrisburg Diocese Conference of Catholic Women

Why Fundraise with CORDA?

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"Our CORDA fundraiser to support Campus Ministry at the UMaine Newman Center was an incredibly simple and straightforward way to raise money for our programming, and was beneficial for all! Students and parishioners were thrilled to support a Catholic small business.

Everyone commented on the array of scents and saints and the classic beauty of the candles. Thrilled with the results of this fundraiser, and grateful for this partnership!"

- Audrey, Campus Minister at University of Maine Newman Center

Is a CORDA fundraiser the right choice for your group?

We've been honored to help with 70+ fundraisers, and the most successful groups always have these three key ingredients:

  • Your group is very well-connected online: since the success of your fundraiser depends entirely on sharing a link, emailing (and/or texting) your group will be the make or break it for your fundraiser. You'll want to be sure your donors will be comfortable with ordering online, too.
  • Everyone is willing to help with selling: this fundraiser shouldn't be all on your shoulders! Your donation total will be exponentially higher when each and every member of your group is tasked with sharing your special link and bringing in orders.
  • A donation of $500 - $1500 would make an impact: we work with groups of all different sizes, and find that $500-$1500 is the typical donation range. This works out to donors ordering 90-270 jar candles (don't forget that they can purchase other items, too, such as tealights and candle accessories).
Inquire about a CORDA fundraiser

"We have gotten so much positive feedback from those who ordered your candles for the first time! People love the scents, how smoothly and evenly the candles burn, and we've already been asked if we will do a fundraiser with you next year.  

We even had a couple of people from my own parish who told me they placed a SECOND order because they ended up wanting more to give as gifts! This was such a good fundraising experience for our group! Thank you for making it so easy and straightforward."

- Beth Anne, Buffalo Chapter of Fidelis