Catholic Fundraising with CORDA

Give your group a donation boost by fundraising with CORDA. Last year, we donated thousands of dollars to groups through our fundraisers! We make fundraising easy, and donors love that they receive items that are high quality, beautiful, and useful - something we hear all the time is that folks purchase these candles as gifts but end up keeping them because they love them so much!

Choose from three different fundraiser options to get the best fit for your group: virtual, in-person, or hybrid. 

"Our CORDA candle hybrid fundraiser to support Campus Ministry at the UMaine Newman Center was an incredibly simple and straightforward way to raise money for our programming, and was beneficial for all! Students and parishioners were thrilled to support a Catholic small business. Everyone commented on the array of scents and saints and the classic beauty of the candles. Thrilled with the results of this fundraiser, and grateful for this partnership!"  -  Audrey A., Campus Minister, University of Maine Newman Center

Here's a look at our different fundraising options:

  • Virtual CORDA Fundraiser:
This is our easiest fundraising option, because there's no order taking or fulfillment, no upfront cost, and no minimum order amount. All you all have to do is share a custom CORDA website link, and we'll donate a percentage of all sales made via that link back to your group. 
The virtual fundraiser is also easy for donors to participate in, because all they have to do is click your link and shop online. Since your fundraiser's success is based on sharing your link, our virtual fundraiser is a great fit for groups that are well connected online, such as through an email list, forums, and social media. 
Donors typically receive their candles fastest with this option, because we ship orders as they come in. We've even seen donors come back and place a second order during the fundraising period!
  • In-person CORDA Fundraiser:
The in-person fundraiser is what folks are most familiar with. Typically, the fundraising group sets up a table in the back of church or at a special event to take pre-orders and collect payment. Then, your group would place one big order with CORDA and we ship everyone's candles to you to then distribute. 
The in-person fundraiser lets your donors see (and smell!) the candles in person, plus they can pre-order on the spot, which can really help your fundraising. There is a small upfront cost for a "sample set" of our most popular candles to display at your table, but we'll discount the set and still give your group a percentage of the sale.
Donors wait longer to receive their candles with this option, because all the candles ship 1-2 weeks after the fundraiser closes and then have to be distributed.
  • Hybrid CORDA Fundraiser:
The hybrid fundraiser gives you the best of both worlds, since you'll get all the benefits of both our virtual and in-person fundraisers! Doing a hybrid fundraiser means you can meet your donors wherever they are, and is a great fit for groups that have both a strong online and in-person community. 
You'll put a bit more skin in the game than with just a virtual fundraiser, but groups have found our hybrid options to be the most profitable.
All our fundraising options give you a unique and faith-based way to financially help your group. And we'll be your partners throughout the process to help make your fundraiser as easy and profitable as possible, so you raise the funds you need to keep doing what you do.
If this might be a good fit for your group, please fill out the form below with some logistical details and we'll get back to you asap.
**PLEASE NOTE: All of our 2022 fundraiser slots have completely filled up. If you are interested in a Spring or Fall 2023 slot, please fill out the form below. Thank you!**