What should I do to make my candle burn well and safely?

You’ll get the best, longest, and safest burn from your candle if you follow a few simple steps:

  • Always trim the wick before lighting to 1/8”–1/4”
  • Burn until the melted wax reaches edge to edge, or very nearly, to reduce tunneling
  • Burn only up to 4 hours at a time
  • Always keep a burning candle in sight, away from flammable materials, out of drafts, out of reach of pets and children, and on a heat-safe surface


Is my coconut wax blend candle going to smell like coconuts?

Nope, there's no coconut smell! All you will smell is the saint/faith inspired scent.


How much is shipping?

All US orders of four or more candles automatically receive free shipping, and orders of up to three candles ship for just $5. 


Can I send something as a gift?

Of course! Just be sure to enter your recipient's shipping info during checkout. Please note that order confirmation and tracking details will be sent to the email you enter during checkout (so, it the gift is a surprise, be sure to use your own email). And if you'd like to include a personalized note with the gift, just contact me with the details.


How do I choose a scented product online when I can’t smell it first?

Is there a scent that is along the lines of a candle or perfume you’ve enjoyed before? That can be a good starting point. Also, I offer two tealight sample pack options, which makes it easy for you to find the scents you love most: Original Launch scents and Winter 2019 scents.


What does “small batch” and "made by hand" mean, and why does it matter?

What constitutes small varies by company, but with CORDA products, it's really more like "tiny batch": candles are made about six at a time. Each candle goes through more than 20 different steps before it is a finished product! By making them by hand, I can pay close attention to every detail of the process and keep things consistently great. 

Everything you see was created by me—from the actual CORDA products to the label designs to all the photography to the website . . . you get the idea.


What ingredients do you use?

CORDA’s unique coconut wax blend truly sets it apart. It is made primarily of all-natural coconut wax, with all-natural beeswax and botanical waxes blended in for fortification. No paraffin wax is ever used. The wicks are woven from cotton and paper (never a metal core). The scents may be created from safe essential oils, natural oils, and/or premium fragrance oils (which may contain essential oils and/or absolutes).


Why don’t you just use essential oils?

Before I researched possible candle ingredients, I thought essential oils were hands down the best way to scent a candle because they are a natural product. In fact, using essential oils in candles can be quite harmful: many become toxic when they are burned and can be especially dangerous to pregnant women, children, and pets. The candle scent options are also extremely limited if you are only using essential oils and the saint-inspired scents would simply be impossible—there’s no essential oil for rain, pipe smoke, etc.

Also, burning essential oils in a candle eliminates any potential health benefits from using essential oils. And frankly, using safe essential oils would mean that the candles would end up costing much, much more, and I wasn’t comfortable with that. So how do other candle companies do it? There's no regulation on the use of essential oils in candles, so companies can use a minute amount but loudly advertise "made with essential oil." They use that as a marketing spin to make their products or company appear more environmentally friendly than they actually are.  

That's not how I do business. I'm forthright about the ingredients I use and why I pick them. For scents, I work with companies I trust and I make sure every oil is phthalate free and in full compliance with IFRA standards. In fact, the scents are so safe that they can be used on your skin.


How strong will my candle smell?

CORDA candles are designed to be noticeable but not overwhelming, and will softly scent a small- to medium-sized room (about 200 square feet), adding a lovely ambiance to your space. Depending on the airflow in your space, the scent may be stronger. If you have a large room, vaulted ceilings, or an open floor plan, try having two candles burning at the same time. Also, keep in mind that the type of scent can be a factor: some florals are on the lighter side while woody scents are typically on the stronger side, for example.


How long will my candle last?

Burning your candle in 34 hour increments and keeping your wick trimmed will ensure you get the longest burn time, 45+ hours, from your candle. It will also help you avoid candle tunneling, so there is no wasted wax.


Why are my candles different shades?

Because I use all-natural waxes that came from plants, there is sometimes variation in the wax color. Also, sometimes different scent components interact with the wax and impact the color after burning. It’s a normal part of working with materials that are good for the environment and it won’t impact product use.


What about corporate gifts, donor gifts, or other bulk orders?

I’d love to help with this. Reach out to me with what you need and I’ll get back to you soon.



Any other questions? Please don't hesitate to send me a message via the Contact page.



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