handcrafted candles honoring saints and the faith

Sharing the Gospel through scent

CORDA connects us to saints and our faith in a real, tangible way. 

Each unique scent is the fruit of love and prayer, drawing on the richness of our devotions, liturgy, and tradition, as well as the day to day lives and heavenly patronages of holy men and women.

May the light of their lives point us to the Light of the World.

Abiding together Collab

Cloistered Heart

These contemplative scents of cherry and violet are inspired by St. Elizabeth of the Trinity. 

Handcrafted with CORDA's all-natural coconut wax blend and custom fragrance.

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I love to support small businesses, but there is nothing small about the peace and joy these candles bring to my prayer time and my whole day. Going to place another order just to have them on hand to share with others!

Chris M.

I’ve never thought of associating smells with saints, but man, it is beautiful. It’s like we’re spending our night relaxing with Mama Mary when we have this candle lit. Absolutely loving this new way of welcoming the saints into our home.

Jordan S.

We received our full set and we love them all!! And they are all named so appropriately with the scents. I had intended to make some gifts but wasn’t able to part with any of them. Will have to place another order for that!

Janis G.

Winter Favorites

Make your home extra cozy with seasonal scents such as dark amber, frankincense, eucalyptus, spices, and pipe smoke

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Handcrafted with Heart

It is a joy and privilege for me to create things that deepen our faith and bring us closer to our friends, the saints. 

It takes more than 20 steps to make a single CORDA candle, and each one is proudly done by hand.

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