Scents of
the saints

created and poured in house, by hand

Sharing the Gospel through scent

CORDA connects us to saints and our faith in a concrete, tangible way. 

Our saint and faith inspired scents are created and custom blended in house, infused in our proprietary coconut wax blend, and handcrafted into candles through 20+ steps.

The fruit of love and prayer, each candle draws on the richness of our devotions, liturgy, and tradition, as well as the day to day lives and heavenly patronages of holy men and women.

May the light of their lives point us to the Light of the World.

September Festal Candle

Marked by Love

Fragrant scents of coffee and the odor of sanctity are inspired by Padre Pio.

Handcrafted with CORDA's custom saint fragrance and coconut wax blend.

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I’ve only lit one so far, but I already love CORDA. Not only is the scent wonderful, but the mere act of lighting the candle to begin my prayer routine has already helped me to pray better and longer. I wholeheartedly recommend these candles and count myself blessed for having found this company and its products.

James D.

I don't "do" candles. Never really have. But ever since I had the pleasure to have a CORDA candle, that has changed. I have changed! I noticed that it was so pure and had this heavenly scent. Even when I don't light up the candle, I leave the top off and have this light scent in my house. I will be a forever customer and hope that others discover these candles as well.

Jessica V.

I’ve never thought of associating smells with saints, but man, it is beautiful. It’s like we’re spending our night relaxing with Mama Mary when we have this candle lit. Absolutely loving this new way of welcoming the saints into our home.

Jordan S.


Handcrafted with Heart

If you love beautiful, artisanal goods that deepen our faith, you're in the right place.

A couple of years ago, St. Joseph got the whole thing started...

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Fall Favorites

Make your space extra cozy with perfect seasonal scents, such as fir needles, dark amber, coffee, and spices, inspired by saints and the faith

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