Ingredients + Process

First off, I'm so glad you want to learn more about CORDA's ingredients and process. Candles aren't just products in your home - they're ones you actually breathe in
That's why I spent many months researching candle ingredients. After learning about all-natural coconut wax, it was a no brainer to use it as the primary ingredient in my proprietary wax blend: it’s free of toxins, pesticides, and GMOs, plus it’s sustainable, skin safe, and biodegradable.
Since coconut wax melts very easily, it’s fortified with beeswax, which has deep liturgical significance, as well as other all-natural botanical waxes. There is also a small amount of food-grade paraffin used during the binding process of one of our waxes. This food-grade paraffin is what we actually eat in foods such as chocolate, ice cream, sausage links, and fruit, and is also present in products we use such as lotions, cosmetics, matches, wax paper, etc.
But a candle is more than just wax, of course, and the ingredients of the wick and fragrance are just as important. The wicks are woven from cotton and paper (never a metal core), and primed with all-natural wax. The scents may be created from safe essential oils, natural oils, and/or premium fragrance oils (which may contain essential oils and/or absolutes).
The candle containers and lids are reusable and/or recyclable. In fact, I specifically designed the candle labels so that they can be removed with no adhesive left behind, making it easy to repurpose the container (it doubles as a fantastic rocks glass!).
I am forthright about what goes into my candles because I know those ingredients become part of your home and life. If you have any unanswered questions, you might find your answer in the FAQs or feel free to reach out to me directly.
- Anna