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Sea Star
Erin Morel
Sea Star

I was happy to have this candle choice to give as a gift to a friend with a great devotion to Our Blessed Mother. Beautiful!

Carmelites Set
Lynne Stark
Carmelites Set

I purchased these candles due to the variety it offered. I light a candle every day when I read the Bible as it tends to keep me more focused. I also love supporting Anna and Michael. You both put a huge amount of time selecting/researching a variety of candles matching our dear saints and we benefit significantly!
Thank you and may God keep blessing you both as you continue your mission.
Lynne Stark

I couldn’t decide

A friend introduced me to me to your candles and she gifted me a small tea light. I couldn’t resist and ordered 3 complete sets so I could try them all and then gift another set to a sister to try and tell me her favorites so I could use it as an ongoing gift to support a Catholic, made in USA small business. The gift has more than one meaning— the scent for pleasure but also based on a sacred meaning or person.

Awesome tea lights

Love that they are named by saints and sense.

My Lenten Scent

I wanted to try a CORDA candle with scent of wood and after having tried the tea light candle, I selected Fount of Mercy to burn during Lent. The gentle notes of cypress and pine are clean and pleasurable, not overwhelming at all. I am truly enjoying my CORDA candles as gifts & as my own.

Beautiful Scent

I really enjoy Sweeter than Wine- it is one of my favorite CORDA candle scents.

Healing Peace
Sister Jeannine Collier
Healing Peace

Healing Peace, like all the candles made by Corda, is wonderful. Each candle is uniquely blended to reflect the Saint. The packaging and presentation, with the Saint biography is both informative and beautiful. You really cannot go wrong with these candles..


Anna was so sweet to help me about with concerns of allergens for my son, and generously gifted me the sampler to test out. My son didn’t have any reaction! And the candles all smell amazing! We will definitely be ordering some for ourselves and gifts. Thanks, Anna!

So Sweet!

I initially ordered a tea light variety pack as a gift. I loved the light, fruity smell of the Sweeter than Wine candle! I purchased a larger candle for myself and the fragrant fruit scents lightens any dark moods I might have.

Great candles

I ordered this set to try all the scents and am not disappointed. My only problem now is how to select a favorite scents to order the bigger candle. I’m thinking I’ll order different ones for different seasons.

Restless Heart
Lori Arnold
Beautifully themed scents to enhance prayer time

Love these candles.

Lenten Set
Kathy Hernandez
Lenten candles

I am currently burning my fount of mercy candle. It is the perfect blend of sweetness and wood. Just right for my morning prayer time.

Wonderful Products

These candles smell magnificent. High quality.

Perfect Way to Find Your Favorite

The Pick 6 is the perfect way to try out all the amazing scents available!
The problem is that each one is wonderful! It is difficult to choose!

Wick Trimmer
Kelley Dawson
We love these candles!

We love Corda! We love the look of them, the ingredients and what they stand for! Thank you Anna!

Protector Set
Annie Deters

Great smell! These are a gift, so I am excited to see their reaction.

Veronica Rancourt

This was for a bridal shower. It came in way faster than I had expected and smelled absolutely wonderful. The bride-to-be was thrilled and loved it! Thank you!!

Pick 6 Tealight Sampler
Elijah Stringham
Great Variety

I love that this sample kit allowed me to try out such a wide variety of scents! Definitely found some favorites that I’ll be buying again as a larger candle :) it was nice to be able to test them out before inviting in a bigger one though! I also used some for little “thinking of you” gifts for friends and family, highly recommend!

Battle Cry
Battle Cry - St. Michael the Archangel

I love the scent of this candle when it’s burning and the aroma it leaves in my room. In fact, I have a tea light of one that burned out next to my computer and I can still smell its aroma!!!

Jane T
Wonderful candles, wonderful company

The candles are beautifully and securely packaged. The Fiat candle has a lovely fruity smell. It looks elegant on the table and not the least bit showy. So pleased with the purchasing experience, the product and the shipping. Will order again and again from Corda.

Pick 6 Tealight Sampler
Teresa Collins
LOVE Corda Candles

I purchased a Battle Cry Candle for a fundraiser and loved it! Ordered the tealight samplers so I could test out other scents - they are all FANTASTIC! I can't decide which I love more.

Emily Neuner
Smells Amazing!

Love these candles and this scent exceeded my expectations!

Heavenly scent

My wife really enjoyed receiving this candle as a Valentine’s Day gift. Padre Pio is one of our favorite saints!

Breath of fresh air

I need to see which scents resonated with me and this was the perfect was to do so.

Nurturing and uplifting

Light in the Darkness is a clean and uplifting fragrance. When lit, I get a nurturing and positive impression. I love these candles. They help me to feel that our spiritual friends, the saints, are near. Thank you!