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*Seconds* Sea Star
Samantha Johnson
New Favorite Candles!!

I love these candles! Beautiful scents and I love the faith aspect too. Perfect candles for prayer and to add decor to our home. Can't wait to try more scents!

*Seconds* Sea Star
Damian Calato
Seconds are almost firsts!

The candles came in secured packaging and the quality is no different than your normal candles. Yes there may a been a blemish but the price made up for it. Thank You CORDA Candles! Hearts up

*Seconds* Sea Star
Lisa Chappell
Sublime fragrance!

Love it! There’s not much more that I can say— it not only reminds me of Our Lady, but has a lovely summer vibe as well!


Honestly, it was the only one left of the seconds choices.
Delighted! It smells beautiful.
Packaged so lovingly as well.

Fount of Mercy
Just what I hoped for

This candle smelled beautiful right out of the mailing box. It was purchased to be used as a prize for a bridal shower, so I did not get to keep it for myself (sadly), but I will definitely be getting one for personal use in the future. The packaging is very nice and was easy to gift. Very happy with my purchase!!

Jennifer Newsom
My favorite candles for a reason!

I love all of Corda’s candles but Summa is one of my very favorites for study time!

Lovely candels!

Couldn't decide on one scent and choose to purchase the pick 6 tealight samples. All the scents are lovely and smell wonderful! I listened to the Abiding Together podcast and Sister Miriam recommended Corda candles as they are one of her favorites. I love the candles and it is wonderful to support a Catholic company!

Excellent As Usual

Even though these were seconds you could never tell one I started burning them The restless heart scent was perfect in my prayer time. Thank you 😊

*Seconds* Sea Star
Teresa Collins
I LOVE Corda Candles

A lot of candles you buy in the store smell good until you light them, then you barely get a scent. With Corda, the smell is wonderful and when lit, you get a scent that is amazing, not too strong but just right. The Sea Star candle has a soothing scent which is perfect for when I am winding down in the evening to watch tv.

Moments of Peace

After previously ordering a sample set, I was pleased to be able to obtain this Shower of Roses seconds candle. I find that the scent is very helpful in my prayer time. The pleasant rose based scent helps me to focus. It’s not overpowering, but is subtly there in the background, helping me to stay centered. Thank you for making such a wonderful product! The minor flaw that makes it a second in no way affects the candle or the experience.

Seconds valor & grace

Anna is a gem to work with and always delivers on an excellent product.

*Seconds* Shower of Roses
Stephanie Kline
Beautiful candles, even the seconds!

Beautiful candles, even the seconds!

Marron Dooney
A heavenly, delicate scent inspiring prayer

Summa was one of four candles ever purchased after discovering Corda. With such a glorious variety I simply “guessed” what I might like then ordered online. I’m SO pleased with each…but the Summa stood out as a favorite with such a heavenly, delicate scent! Most inspiring for prayer!

Smells Divine!

I’m so looking forward to burning this candle at Christmas (or maybe I’ll start in Advent!). Even as a “second,” it’s in great shape and I’d consider giving any of them as a gift! It smells like a church at Christmastide, just a few minutes after Mass has ended.

top choice

relaxing, fresh scent. makes for a nice soft fragrance for the whole house

Marian Set
Elizabeth Cadigan
Marian Set

These candles are lovely! I love all the scents and the Marian theme. Nicely packaged and came so quickly! These would make an amazing Mother's Day gift!

*Seconds* Carpenter Shop
Jeanine Grimmer

This candle is so unique-it is great to have a candle that has scents of earthly materials. I have male relatives that enjoy burning candles and I think this candle is a perfect gift. Having a candle designed with Joseph, the carpenter, in mind is very inspiring.

*Seconds* Compline
Virginia Camarano
Fabulous scent! Beautiful vessel!

I bought the compline candle during a flash seconds sale. Honestly, I couldn’t even detect any “defect”. The candle, along with the wood lid I ordered, was beautiful. The scent reminds me of being at mass, very subdued, gentle and calming. Heavy scents can trigger a headache, but compline, along with any other Corda scent I purchased, was absolutely heavenly. Love purchasing from a Catholic Company as well. Will definitely be adding more scents to my home.

*Seconds* Valor & Grace
Melodi McAnany
Valor and Grace

I love all your scents and this one was special and very pleasing!!!

Great product

Clean burning with a delightful scent. I enjoy this product!

*Seconds* Valor & Grace
Martha Reynolds
Valor and Grace, St Joan of Arc

It had a pleasant sweet smell, the Light in Darkness had very
low smell hardly any smell to it. I did not like Light in Darkness.

Love this candle!

Love the smell of this candle! Love Corda’s candles and how evenly they burn. They have become my favorite candles!

Smells good and couldn’t even tell it was a second!

Such a great candle that we have it on our mantle!

Arthur O'Dea

We use this candle in our prayer room in our house. The smell of Summa is like slice of heaven on earth!

*Seconds* Poverello
Maria Cascio
Beautiful candle

I loved everything about this candle—from the inspiration of St. Francis of Assisi to its amazing scent. I first experienced it as a tea light and loved it, so I bought a large one and gave it to my pastor as a gift. He reminds me of St. Francis's humility.