Dymphna | Ylang Ylang + Jasmine + Vetiver
Dymphna | Ylang Ylang + Jasmine + Vetiver

Dymphna | Ylang Ylang + Jasmine + Vetiver

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These peaceful scents of ylang ylang, jasmine, and vetiver are inspired by Dymphna. She is the patron saint of those suffering nervous and mental afflictions, and her prayers are frequently invoked by psychologists, psychiatrists, and family and friends of those with these afflictions. Her feast day is May 15.

Behind the Inspiration

The aroma of each of these scents is commonly used to soothe anxiety, stress, and depression. St. Dymphna, virgin and martyr, is the patron saint of those who suffer such afflictions because her father suffered from mental illness after the death of his wife, Dymphna's mother.

St. Dymphna, pray for us.

Holy Women collection | 45+ hour burn time | 6 oz. candle

Proudly Made by Hand in the Heartland
CORDA candles are handcrafted at every step and made in small batches from a proprietary, all-natural coconut wax blend infused with fine aromatics.
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