Sharing the Stories of the Saints through Packaging

Ever since we started in 2019, each CORDA candle has had a hang tag, where we could fit just a little bit of information about the scent itself and the inspiration behind the scent.

We really love the look of the hang tags, but we’ve always wished we had more room on our packaging to share about the saints (and it’s something customers have kept requesting, too!).

As our amazing customers have helped CORDA to grow, we’ve worked hard to improve various aspects of the business along the way. About a year ago, we were finally in a place where we could work on improved packaging for our jar candles. We had the vision for what the new packaging would be like, but we had no idea it would take this long to bring to life!

From brainstorming the design to creating the digital files, composing all the text for the box plus 24 sleeves, coordinating with two different manufacturers, and doing all the photography for this new packaging and updating the website, Michael and I have worked together to make something we’re really proud of.

Each of our handcrafted candles will now come in a simple kraft box, wrapped with a lovely, gold-foiled sleeve. You’ll probably notice how we kept the look of our original hang tags, but improved and expanded it. Everyone we’ve shown the new packaging to has responded with some variation of, “Oh, it’s sooo pretty!”

There are many benefits to this new design, but first and foremost it allows us to share more of the stories of the saints. This is the task and responsibility that has been entrusted to us, and we’re so grateful that our packaging will support this more. While we’ve always had information about the saints on our website, now you can learn about the saint or aspect of the faith that inspired a particular candle on the packaging itself, and also why the scents are specifically connected to that inspiration. 

We also hope that having a boxed candle means our candles will be easier to wrap and gift, and that this new packaging will help with the gentle evangelization so many of you do via the candles.

Another benefit is that our packaging and shipping is now more eco-friendly. In place of the plastic and aluminum lid, our new kraft box is made from 100% recycled material, and both the box and the sleeve are 100% recyclable.

There’s also a secret feature: a custom corrugated insert inside the kraft box, which will help protect the candle during shipping. This means we can finally get rid of the plastic bubble wrap and somewhat messy spring fill we’ve been using to protect the candles, and instead use simple kraft paper, so all of our packaging material will be fully recyclable. 

Something else we’re excited about is that the new packaging is made completely in the USA: the kraft box and sleeve are manufactured by a great company in the Pacific Northwest, and the corrugated insert is made right here in Kansas City where CORDA has its home. 

Finally, replacing the hang tag and lid with the box and sleeve will allow us to finish making the candles faster, getting them from our hands to your home that much more quickly. Believe it or not, the hang tag was one of the most labor intensive parts of the process, involving eleven (!) steps, including stringing and writing the batch number and burn time. Similarly, using the kraft paper to protect the candles, rather than bubble wrap and crinkle fill, will help us to pack and ship that much faster.

Something that’s not changing: we want to keep offering a lid for folks who would like one. From feedback we’ve received, not everyone uses the lid, but for those who do they’re practical for keeping out dust in between burns, they help the candle stay fragranced, and they’re just a nice touch. So, right now the rose gold lids we’ve been using are still available for purchase on each candle’s page as an optional add-on item. And just like our candle jars, the lids are reusable, so you can save them for future use rather than purchasing a new one each time. 

We’re also working on handcrafting a reusable wooden lid, which will have something neat carved into the top: perhaps the CORDA logo, or the design on the new packaging that says “the light of the saints for the domestic church,” or maybe the phrase “all you holy men and women, pray for us.” 

If you have thoughts on what you would prefer or other suggestions for what we could feature on the wooden lids, or more general feedback about the new packaging, we’d love to hear in the comments below!

 None of this would be possible without you. Thank you, again, for helping us in this mission of bringing the light of the saints to the domestic church. We are so excited for you to experience the new packaging in person!


  • Joan

    I love your candles and wish I could buy them all! I like the idea of a reusable lid and and a wooden lid would be interesting. I like all the ideas for designs on the lid. I’m glad the story is on the box packaging. Is it possible to put each candle’s story on the back side of the candle itself?

  • Lenny

    First time purchaser. Ordering today (2/20). Yes, the wooden lid sounds super and I am definitely interested.

  • Karina Tafolla

    I would also love the wooden lids. I love the look of candles with wooden lids! And I would also love it if it could be in Latin. It would make it that much more special using one of the Holy languages.


    I LOVE this idea of the reusable wooden lid!! I was feeling awful not being able to recycle the beautiful lids. This idea of a re-usable wooden lid is PERFECT! I really like the phrase,
    “all you holy men and women pray for us” I would LOVE the option of having it in Latin!!

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