St. Thomas Aquinas | Books + Ink + Straw (4802473689172)
St. Thomas Aquinas | Books + Ink + Straw (4802473689172)
St. Thomas Aquinas | Books + Ink + Straw (4802473689172)

St. Thomas Aquinas | Books + Ink + Straw

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**Limited Edition** Available only December 1 - January 31.
These scholastic scents of books, ink, and straw are inspired by St. Thomas Aquinas. He is the patron of students and universities. Thomas's feast day is January 28.
Behind the Inspiration
Does anyone deserve an amazing library scent more than Thomas? His prodigious theological works and Eucharistic hymns continue to give life to the Church, almost 800 years after his birth. It is said that he could dictate multiple works to multiple scribes, somehow keeping everything straight in his head.
Thomas is perhaps best known for his Summa Theologiae, but what is lesser known is that he left it unfinished. Toward the end of his life, he was given a vision of Christ, who spoke to him from a crucifix and said, "You have written well of me. What would you have for your labor?" Thomas replied, "Lord, nothing but You."
After this vision, Thomas stopped writing. When pressed by a fellow Dominican to finish his work, Thomas replied that compared to the glory of God he experienced, his work was as straw. Straw also calls to mind his nickname of the "Dumb Ox."
St. Thomas Aquinas, pray for us.

Holy Men collection | 45+ hour burn time | 6 oz. candle
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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Mary K.
Still & Studious

One of my favorite places to study at college was the library; now that I'm studying at home, this candle is truly a blessing, as it reminds me of the still, clean, book-laden smells of that library and helps bring focus back to the task at hand. The connection to St. Thomas is a beautiful reminder of his patronage and the melding of study with love of Christ. And as always with CORDA candles, a lovely bright flame and long burn time!

Thank you for sharing how this candle reminds you of a time and place you loved! We are happy to be a part of that memory! Thanks for the review and feedback Mary! - the CORDA team


This candle is a peaceful masculine aroma. Like all the candles, it burns evenly and last a long time. I will purchase again for Autumn.

Thank you for the feedback on the scent and burn time! We are glad that you are enjoying the candle Margaret! - the CORDA team

Daniel Drain
Perfect for prayerful study

I light this one when working on my dissertation or anything I’m trying to publish. Reminds me of the great tradition of thinkers I’m trying to emulate, and helps me breathe through the dense thicket of work ahead of me.

Carmela Rourke
Calm and Focusing

I love to light this candle when I am practicing my writing! It is subtle and calming. I really enjoy it.

Thanks for sharing how this candle fits into your creative life Carmela! We appreciate the review! - the CORDA team

Mary Ann Erlanger
Love these candles

They burn beautifully, smell wonderful and fill your house with blessings!

Thanks so much for the review Mary Ann! We are glad the scent works well in your home! - the CORDA team

Not overpowering

Great scent. Fairly masculine and not overpowering. Burns evenly. High quality product; I will purchase again.

Thanks for all the great feedback on the candle Jason! We are so happy you enjoy it and appreciate the review! - the CORDA team

Candle time

Wonderful candles...with "male" scents as well as pretty ones for the girlfriends. Order without hesitation-the inventory is of the highest caliber . Also good to support a small business!

Nicole S.
St. Thomas Aquinas Candle

I love this candle. I purchased it for an end of the school year push as the kids were studying for finals, and it smells like an Italian library! It is subtle yet evokes a sense of strength, just as I imagine St. Thomas of Aquinas to be.

Ooo, an Italian library is an awesome description, and I'm glad you sense St. Thomas's strength through this candle - he is amazing! Hope finals went well! - Anna

Elizabeth Slobodnik
A great scent!

I love having this candle burning when I'm homeschooling my kids. It puts us in a bookish mood!

Unlike anything else!

The scent of this candle is unlike any I’ve smelled before. I am a great lover of St. Thomas and I light this candle when I read and study. I read another review that says the smell is masculine. Maybe. But I wouldn’t let that deter any woman from trying this scent. It’s great!