Fundraising with CORDA

Partnering with CORDA for your fundraiser offers a unique and faith-based way to financially help your organization. Your donors will receive items that are high quality, useful, and beautiful, and that help draw them closer to God.

If you are looking for a donor gift for your fundraising event, you are likely eligible for a bulk discount! You can apply it to the signature 6 oz. candles or the new 2 oz. votive size that offers an opportunity for co-branding. Contact me to talk through the details of the event.

If you are a school, club, nonprofit, or other organization who wants to sell products to raise funds, CORDA offers the following great benefits:

  • Profit potential on a sliding scale, so organizations of any size can fundraise effectively (for example, a homeschool-hybrid high school of seven families raised $800+)
  • Absolutely no upfront costs and no minimum sales requirement
  • Simple ordering process and clear timeline
  • Free digital marketing materials for your group to promote via social media and email

I work hard to support your fundraising efforts and make the process as easy as possible! To learn more and see if this is a good fit for your organization, please contact me. I look forward to talking with you.



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