Joseph: A Lesson in Bravery and Trust


Joseph was a man of contemplation and action. I remember reading somewhere that once Joseph knew what God wanted of him, he did it, without hesitation. This could only come from a place of deep trust.

As the husband of Mary and the foster father of Jesus, he was asked to do some pretty big things, and also to live a simple, quiet life and to provide for his family through manual labor. 

In big things and in small ones, he was obedient. There's no way he could have anticipated all the turns his life would take: risking his name and reputation to marry a woman already pregnant; fleeing the country to escape a death threat against his foster son; having to settle in a completely foreign place for an unknown amount of time; eventually returning to his homeland but in a new place, having to start all over again... as the head of the Holy Family, can you imagine the weight that rested on his shoulders?

We can also imagine the incredible love that made all of this not only possible, but a joy. And was there ever a husband and father so deeply loved in return, than Joseph? 

Mary and Jesus completely entrusted themselves to his care, his guidance, and his protection. And that's why the Church gives Joseph to us as our father and protector.

Through so many uncertainties and times of stress, Joseph prayed and discerned, and then he did. He trusted God enough to take the next step forward, even though he didn't know what would happen after. 

We can all relate to this, right? It seems that life is a continuous discernment, and full of twists and uncertainties. Hard things happen in our lives and the lives of those we love. And the temptation is real, to lose faith in God's goodness and that his plan for us can be trusted in. This was what Adam and Eve faced, and what we all continue to face, all throughout our lives. 

St. Joseph is a sure and steady reminder that there is a plan for each of our lives and that our God is a God who can be trusted. Whatever it is that's weighing heavy on your heart, go to Joseph. He is a good father. Ask for his intercession and for the grace to be trusting and brave as he was. The man who was a source of strength for Mary and Jesus is also there for us to lean on.

Joseph, most brave, Joseph most obedient, pray for us. Glory of home life, cornerstone of families, pray for us. Protector of the Holy Church, pray for us.


  • Dianne

    I needed to read this reflection on St Joseph. My favorite-thank you for sharing!

  • Ann

    Thank you for this post about St. Joseph. I love the photo of the candle with the St. Joseph statue; do you know where you got it? It has inspired me to get a statue like that for my husband who is father to our five children. I really like the way this statue looks like St. Joseph is full of joy knowing that he is taking care of the Son of God!

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