Song of Songs | Cedar + Pomegranate + Apple (4846588690516)
Song of Songs | Cedar + Pomegranate + Apple (4846588690516)
Song of Songs | Cedar + Pomegranate + Apple (4846588690516)

Song of Songs | Cedar + Pomegranate + Apple

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These amorous scents of cedar, pomegranate, and apple are inspired by the Song of Songs.  

Behind the Inspiration

Also know as the Canticle of Canticles and the Song of Solomon, this love poem in the heart of the Bible shows us the heart of God, who pursues us as a lover and Bridegroom. And the Catechism of the Catholic Church tells us that "Tradition has always seen in the Song of Solomon a unique expression of human love, a pure reflection of God's love--a love 'strong as death' that 'many waters cannot quench'" (1609).

Cedar is present throughout the Song, with both the bride and groomed perfumed with it. Pomegranate references the bride, with apple connected to the bridegroom. And the scents remind us of the holy temple and God's espousal of his people Israel.

In the writings of the Church Fathers and the saints, the Song of Songs is one of the most commented upon books. St. Thérèse, for example, wrote: "If I had time, I would like to comment on the Song of Songs. I have discovered in this book such profound things about the union of the soul with her beloved." While on their deathbeds, St. Thomas Aquinas and St. John of the Cross both requested that the Song be read. Pope St. John Paul II meditated upon it whilst writing his Theology of the Body, and St. Teresa of Avila wrote an entire commentary on it. 

 A great starting point to learn more about the Song of Songs is in Dr. Brant Pitre's Jesus the Bridegroom: The Greatest Love Story Ever Told.

Holy Faith collection | 45+ hour burn time | 6 oz. candle

You’ll get the cleanest, longest, and safest burn from your candle with a few simple steps:

  • Always trim the wick before lighting to 1/8”–1/4”
  • Burn until the melted wax reaches edge to edge, or very nearly, to reduce tunneling
  • Burn only up to 4 hours at a time
  • Always keep a burning candle in sight, away from flammable materials, out of drafts, out of reach of pets and children, and on a heat-safe surface
  • Keep out of direct sunlight
Each candle is handcrafted with CORDA's proprietary all-natural coconut wax blend, custom phthalate-free fragrances, and a cotton and paper wick primed with all-natural wax. Learn more about the ingredients here.
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Customer Reviews

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Diane O.
Song of Songs candle as Wedding gift

I am giving the Song of Songs candle to my dearest friend’s daughter as a wedding gift. It is a wonderful and appropriate gift to honor the couple’s sacrament of matrimony.

Love these!

I have this candle as well as the Morning Prayer one and Our Lady of Guadalupe and I love them all. I have also given as gifts and the recipients were very pleased.

Love this candle!

The quality of Corda candles is unmatched, and I love the scent of this candle!

So glad you liked Sweeter than Wine, Ali! Thanks for the review! - the CORDA team

Perfect gifts!

I bought two of these as gifts and they were both well received...the scent is fruity but not overly sweet...just lovely!

Celeste Strohmeyer

Song of Songs | Cedar + Pomegranate + Apple


Great scent; perfect addition to my prayer corner

Leah Sutterby

I have yet to use this candle, but the scent alone is really lovely. I'm excited to put it to good use. I'll have a follow up review soon.

Song of Songs candle

This is my favorite candle I have - such a beautiful scent & love the connection to Song of Songs.

Callie Kowalskj
Great products

Purchased 8 candles for my bridesmaids. The products were amazing! I was a bit hesitant without initially testing out scents. Shipping was fast!

Nicole Shirilla
Beautiful candles, wonderful company!

I received a 6 pack of candles and just love them! The scents are wonderful and the meaning behind the scents are so touching and beautiful. I love this shop and will be a return customer for sure!